Friday, October 16, 2009

Preschool Days

I realized I had not posted anything in a long time (maybe since the beginning of school) about how my preschool class is going this year, and since I know you are wondering, I will tell you.

It's going exceptionally well. And I'm not just saying that. I thought I had a good class last year, but this class makes last year's look wild and crazy.

Some days I wonder-is this fair? Teachers down the hall are struggling with behavioral issues, bathroom issues (yuck), etc. All the while I'm thanking God for teaching a class of surprisingly well-behaved 4-year-olds, who by the way can take care of all their bathroom etiquette.

Don't mistake me though. It's still a job, a tiring job. But after teaching a few years and after teaching a few different ages, believe me I am not taking this year for granted. I brag on my class every chance I get--and I make sure they hear me!

The preschool has undergone a few bumps along the way this year. We found out at our first staff meeting that our director would not be back, and since then we have lost 3 of our teachers. There's lots of new faces there, and suddenly I'm one of the "old" teachers, and this is only my second year!

I had my first 4-year-old turn 5 this past week. They brought brownies and we sang Happy Birthday......she was so excited and willing to remind all the other "babies" that she was older than them.

Then she turned and looked at me, almost disgusted-like, and said, "Mrs. Amy, if I'm 5, why am I still in your class?"

I couldn't help but laugh....and I had to break the news to her that she would have to hang out with us for a little while longer until everyone was 5 - and then she would start Kindergarten in August.

It will be hard to see this group of 4-year-olds go.....

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