Wednesday, September 16, 2009

TV Shows

We pay $9.99 a month for cable. Needless to say, we do not get many channels, and it is this time of year (football season, for those who need a hint) that my husband begins his grumbling. How can we possibly survive without ESPN?

I can't say I'm that far behind him in his wishes. I love to sit down and watch a good football game. But, I don't feel less-than-human if I don't see highlights from every game played from Thursday through Saturday, I mean, Sunday. We do get the networks, and they do show games, but it is not necessarily SEC games.

We are in mourning over the loss of our SEC carrier (is that what you call it?) It used to be Jefferson-Pilot, then Lincoln Financial, now it's nobody. Nobody comes on CBS at 11:30a.m. anymore to show us our SEC football game. And it stinks. What can we do about it?

Nothing. We settle for Notre Dame vs. Michigan. I know this game was on ABC, but has anybody noticed how Notre Dame is on NBC every stinking weekend? I am aware Regis Philbin loves them, but who else (around here) cares? Please, please, please, bring us our SEC games back.

Other than football, there is very little we watch (other than PBS of course). You all know our liking of The Biggest Loser, and it premiered last night! We had a little dilemma though. The Biggest Loser came on at 7:00 and was on until 9:00. Shaq Vs. came on at 8:00. What to do?

We watched Shaq Vs. and during commercials flipped to see who was getting booted off Loser. (Please spare me your judgments of our TV-filled night. You know you've done it too.)

If you didn't catch Shaq Vs., I'm sorry. It was a good family-friendly show. There was absolutely, and I mean not one single, bleep heard in any of the episodes. I don't know Shaq personally, (really?), so as far as I know he may cuss like a sailor on and off the basketball court, but kudos to him for making a show that a family could sit down and watch without fear of what their kids would hear. Loser is okay with this aspect, although I wonder why must Jillian curse at the contestants to get them to go faster on the treadmill? I mean, really, just yelling at them would suffice. Why use expletives? It is not becoming of you Jillian.

My favorite Shaq Vs. was the one that aired last night. He swam against Michael Phelps. You can watch the episodes of Shaq Vs. here. It's really quite entertaining.

Other than The Biggest Loser, the only other show I want to "attempt" to watch is The Good Wife. Oh, it looks like it could be good. But, I will have to wait and see.

What are some shows you are going to be watching this fall?

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Anonymous said...

Amy did you see Kingdom Twindom blog today it's about a 4 yr old sucking her thumb Maybe if Sarah sees this she might get a good idea. All little 4 yr olds much need that tumb. Love you all, Nana P.S. Brad told me what the dentist said about the thumb this isn't my idea for her to give it up!!!!!!!