Thursday, September 10, 2009

Look At Her Grow!

Poptart asked for her training wheels to come off the other day. Her father and I had not considered doing this for her yet since she has never shown a great interest in her bicycle. But after asking for two days in a row, we said okay. The training wheels came off and the back-breaking work of running behind her as she tried to steady herself began.

Surprisingly she did very, very well! You can't really tell it from this was taken the first attempt. But yesterday she was in the road riding without anyone behind her. I still help her get on and balanced and then I just give her a push. After that she's off to the races. Slow and steady.

Along with this milestone, Poptart also had her first "dance" class today (the teacher comes to our preschool and has a class there, how convenient is that?). And she goes to the dentist for the first time Monday morning!


Melanie said...

Way to grow Poptart! My son and I rode bicycles last week and his training wheels were really holding him up in the gravel. Maybe his wheels should come off too? I want to hear about the dental appointment - my dentist won't even see my son until he is 5.

Anonymous said...

HI Poptart!!!!
How was the dance class? Nana was so glad she got to see you ride your bike and just keep practing you almost have it. Amy thanks for having us again it's really great getting to be a part of the kids growing up. Love you all, Nana

Jennifer said...

Oh my, maybe it is time to get my little hurricane a bike?? He's still riding his big-wheel and loving it, but I bet he'd like the bike too. That might be a good birthday present, hmmm.