Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Reunion Time!

Last weekend was our family reunion in Alabama. A beautiful setting on top of Skyline Mountain in a community named Pleasant Groves. We missed the reunion last year but made plans to be there this year. I'm so glad we did!

The playground equipment was new since we were there last. My kids had a blast playing. I'm glad there is a playground attached to the community center....it gives all the kids something fun to do while the adults sit around and catch up!

This view is from the porch of the community center. It looks out onto the gazebo and the playground. Very nice!

This is the community center where the reunion was held. I'm not sure how long it has been there, but they sure keep it nice and clean. For such a small community, they have provided their citizens with a really nice place to have parties and get-togethers.

And now down to business. The food! It was great! Hamburgers, hot dogs, and barbecue along with side items and a table full of desserts! Yum! We were so stuffed after that big lunch, we barely ate anything else the rest of the day.

We had a really good time! See ya next year!


Jennifer said...

I am impressed that you found time to blog with an extra preschooler running around today! He had a great time and I foresee and early bedtime tonight ... Yay!

Jennifer said...

Oh, and that looks like a really cool playground ... I wish there was something like that around here ... our family reunions could really use an updated location.

Anonymous said...

Great pictures and we did have a good time and ate waaaaay to much. Pop and I were so glad you all got to come this year just sorry you didn't get to stay longer. I guess Poptart and her boyfriend had a good time on Monday at least from the sound of Jennifer's comment they did. She was sooo serious when she was telling anout him coming to play. Love and Miss you all, Nana