Sunday, June 14, 2009

I Know She Didn't Just Say That........Yep, She Did.

To say this past week was a stressful one would be quite an understatement. Things at Brad's job got worse before they got better. Now we're just waiting to see how everything plays out.

As you know, Brad was very disappointed with some choices that were made (a few of his own are included) and consequently does not really know who he can trust. Only time will tell. I personally believe everything will get better from here on out.

I'm telling you one thing, girls. I didn't watch Young & Restless all week. I did not need the extra drama. You'd think drama at the workplace would be worse somewhere where there were lots of females, but I have decided this place has any group of women beat. Who said what and what was meant when this was said and who is on whose side. Good grief Charlie Brown.

I myself am tired of trying to figure it all out. I don't even know these guys or what they are really thinking. I just know my husband was blessed to get this job (he got it the very next day after being laid off from his previous one), and he better keep it until God moves him.

So with all that said, he will be at work tomorrow, and we are praying for a better week. In that case, I don't think it could get much worse. Okay, yes it could. But I hope it doesn't.

OK, no more talking about drama, jobs, or drama on the job. Let's talk about boogers.

Yes, I said boogers. Did anyone see the Lakers/Magic game tonight? Did anyone else hear Kobe Bryant's wife say to her child (whom Kobe was holding), "You've got a booger."? Please someone say they heard this!

Here's how it went down: The Lakers won the series and the court was full of players, coaches, media, and the player's families. Of course, Kobe (being the celebrity he is) was getting alot of air time. He fought through the crowd, saw his wife and two cutesy pie girls, picked them up, and hugged them tight. That's when his wife said it. She said it and reached up and got it. On national TV!

No "Congrats, honey!" No "We're going to Disneyworld!" No "I'm so freaking rich because I married you, Kobe!" Nope. Just "You've got a booger." Let Momma get it.

I know this woman would not have said that if she had known the camera was on her. But didn't she know there were cameras all around her? I think it is just instinct. In fact, I took a little pleasure in the fact that even though she was married to THE Kobe Bryant, and undoubtedly has a nanny not far from her reach at all times, she would still reach up and get a dangling booger from her child's nose. And she would do it on TV.

I'm not sure why I shared that story, but I just had too. For some reason, it just made my day, ummm, night.


Jennifer said...

Okay, that was just the comic relief I needed before going to bed. Not the best image in my head, but funny none-the-less!

G. Mo said...

Was just Googling this and came upon your blog. Yes... yes I heard it. Classic!!!!! Now if I could only find it on YouTube.

Anonymous said...

Same here...just googling the subject...Funny, I never thought I'd google " Kobe Bryant Wife Boogers" and get to your site.....Hahahahaha

Melanie said...

I hope your work week goes better.