Tuesday, June 30, 2009

He Holds The Future

I'm soooo not wanting to work today. I haven't even sat down at the "work" computer today. I'm on the laptop right now, and I am unashamedly putting off going back there and working. I will eventually have to, but I just can't do it right now. The best I'm hoping for is a couple of my doctors being off today or that maybe, miracle of miracles, no one was sick today. I'm not holding my breath. I'm sure I have lots of typing waiting on me, but I wanted to do the "fun" typing first!

Brad and I are sort of on a trial run for our empty nest days. Both our kids are gone this week to VBS at my home church. They are staying with my mom a couple nights and my sister a couple nights. We will be going up Friday night to get them (that is, if Poptart will stay that long). So needless to say it is quiet around here.

Normally we don't have much to talk about (sans kids) but this time is a little different. Seems we have plenty to talk about. Or, should I say, questions to ask.

We have been contemplating our future alot lately. What we will be doing and where we will be doing it. It sounds so simple, but oh, my friend, it's complicated. We know we will not stay in this small house forever, but trying to decide when is the right time to moItalicve on is far from easy. Factor in Gogurt's outright panic attacks whenever he hears us talking about looking to move, and it makes this Momma want to squat here forever.

Brad wants to start school ASAP and pursue a career inItalic ministry. I am encouraging him to at least take one class this fall. I really hope he does. Maybe God is waiting on us to take that first step....and maybe enrolling in a class is it. I know Brad would love it, and I believe it would take a mental load off him. He would be doing something while he waits for a clearer answer from the Lord about his future.

I don't know what the future holds for us, but I know who holds our future.

And I'm so thankful He does.

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday and I wish we could say that we are the solution but as always we are part of the problem but whatever you 2 decide go for it this is your time. We have already lived and done most of what we wanted in life now it's your turn. Just glad you are doing and going whatever God leads. We love you all!!!!