Monday, June 1, 2009

Give It Back---It's Mine!

The blog that is......I have no great tales of adventure (since I haven't been anywhere), but as you know I haven't posted in a long time (so get comfy, this could be long).

I enjoyed checking our blog and reading what Brad had posted from Alaska. After he washed his cell phone, this blog was our only means of communication. I wouldn't recommend that for married couples, but it was better than nothing I guess. Thanks to everyone who read and followed along and a special thanks to those who left really meant alot to Brad to know the people back home were reading! I hope our new readers keep coming back to visit our blog-although my posts cannot really compete with snow-covered Alaskan mountain pictures.

Getting to see my husband living out one of his lifelong dreams was indescribable. Although I would be lying if I did not say that by about the 6th night of his being gone, I just wanted him home. Dream or no dream. Just come home!

I do admire all those women who are single moms, military wives, or by any other circumstance find themselves raising kids by themselves. It's hard! My hats off to you.

Other than missing Brad, we had a pretty good and easy time while he was gone. We visited grandma for two nights (but Gogurt ended up getting sick), went to lunch with a friend, and took in a movie (Poptart's first theatre experience).

I was a little nervous when Brad got home. Would he be different? Would he start packing us up to move this little family to Kodiak? Well the answer is yes and no. Yes, he is different. No, we're not packing up to move.

If this trip did anything, it reaffirmed his decision to work in some form of ministry. We are still clueless as to what exactly that will be, but like I said, it just reaffirmed the prior general decision. So we are waiting. Still. Waiting. Waiting to see what the Lord has in store for us.

It brings up a word that is hard for me even to utter. Surrender. I'm not good at that, but slowly and surely the Lord is bringing me to that place. The place where my will means nothing and His will means everything. That will be a place of true peace and happiness.

Will God reveal to us what it is we are supposed to do? Eventually. In the meantime we will continue on in our lives, staying faithful, and praying that when God does reveal His plan for us that we (okay, I) will be ready and willing to go.

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