Saturday, May 9, 2009

I Gave Up On Twitter and I'm Not On Facebook

I really thought I would dig Twitter, and I do enjoy reading it occasionally and seeing if the people I follow have said anything lately. But as far as me "tweeting," it's just not happening. I am giving up on Twitter. Maybe not forever, but for now. I see how it could be useful, but I just don't feel like my (very, very few) followers really want to know what I just did or what I'm about to do. I just felt a little silly, ya know?

Now about Facebook. I have nothing against Facebook, but I personally have never even laid eyes on a Facebook page. I have a few people really trying to persuade me to get on there and I guess at this point I am just being stubborn. Could I be the last person under the age of 40 to hold out and NOT join Facebook? Maybe that would win me some kind of award? Or not.

When I first started hearing about Facebook, I was lumping it in with MySpace, etc., but now I know that it is a pretty safe place to connect with others. Basically I have no excuse other than my stubbornness.

One day I will probably break down and give it a try, but until then we'll just have to connect with each other here!

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

Is this your way of telling me to leave you alone about facebook??? I promise, no more arm twisting!!