Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Biggest Waste of Time

I might not have sounded superficial, but I sure sounded stupid! The Biggest Loser finale is NEXT Tuesday night! Hello? How did I miss that?

Tonight's show could have been renamed "The Biggest Waste of Time." Crying and drama and "Look what I've done, I'm just so proud of myself." They could have skipped right onto the weigh-in and the whole show could have been less than 30 minutes long. But instead it was 2 hours long. Blah. Blah. Blah. Let's get on with it already.

But anyway, we are fans nonetheless, and we got online and voted for who we want to see in the finale with Tara and Helen. We voted for Mike. It was not really a tough call for us. The daddy (Ron) asked everyone to vote for his son (Mike) and so we obliged. We really like Mike and Ron, but Ron really wants to see his son win this (and I think he really can) so we voted for Mike.

Hopefully next week's show is a tad more exciting than tonight's was and hopefully anybody but Tara will win.

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Jennifer said...

Hmmm, I hope we get to the hotel wherever we are staying next week in time to see the finale. We didn't see tonight's show b/c we were in Target, close to you, in the middle of a hail storm ... great fun!