Saturday, May 16, 2009

Bachin' It (A.K.A Life Without SuperWoman)

Well, not exactly. Amy is in Birmingham at the E-Women conference, and Poptart and Gogurt are stuck here with me. I think they enjoy it just being me, but they prefer Amy. Don't get me wrong, they love me, and I love them....but this house is held together by Mom (a.k.a SuperWoman)!!

Let me give you an example. We went to Wendy's for dinner then to Wal-mart, Game Stop, and my personal favorite Best Buy. I splurged and let the kids pick out something from Wal-Mart. Poptart picked out a ball that is filled with water and purplish/pink glitter. Honestly it is pretty neat looking. We were at home playing with our new goodies and chilling on the couch, when all of sudden Poptart goes flying off the back of the couch onto the floor (chasing the ball). I tried to catch her, but she landed with a thud. She bounced up and said she was fine (yeah right) only to run off to her room screaming and crying. Followed by a release of the bladder on the hallway floor. The joys of fatherhood!
Where is your mother when I need her! :) But we made it...just not as good or smooth as if she had been here. Just another reason to be thankful for the beautiful woman we all know as Amy, but better known as Super Woman.

Anyway, we will all be glad to see her when she returns....and hopefully Super Woman will be refreshed and renewed. Ready to fight evil, rescue wavering souls, and cudle with her family again. We love you Super Woman.

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Kingdom Mama said...

So sweet Brad! How nice!