Friday, May 22, 2009

Alaska Day 3

Today was another beautiful day in Kodiak. It started early for me with a 5:30 am devotion on the back porch of the Baptist Mission we are using. It was cold (30's) and beautiful. And did I mention, beautiful?

This was followed by breakfast (I cooked the sausage). Yes I actually used a stove! Followed by a group devotional time. We then began the process of setting up the booth at the Crab Festival. It was a little chaotic at first. Coffee, hot dogs, bibles, bracelets and alot of questions. But as things rolled along (after the 30 minute wait for buns), we got the hang of it. We only had a few mishaps. Spilled a drink, overflowed the coffee as it was making....but we survived.

Later in the day, myself and Charlie (Asst. BSM Director under Brenda Crem) had the opportunity to help a member of the Frontier Baptist Church (Dave) paint his boat hull. It was a really neat experience. We spent a few hours with him learning about his life and testimony. Truly a once in a lifetime experience: to be at a native Kodiakians(?) home and see his life from a different perspective. To see Kodiak on a real level. Great experience.

Our day ended with a presentation from Alaska's Evangelism Director Jimmy Stewart on how to use the evang-cube. A quick shower and here I am at the church blogging all over again. It is 10:40 pm here and still daylight. Wild, but sooooo cool.

I had some great food today too. A crab meat sandwich and a fish taco. My next will be the Bruin Burger. A deep fried burger wrapped in bread dropped in grease and fried to perfection. Sounds delicious. Maybe?

Anyway, thanks for sending us here. It is already one of the best times of my life. Till tomorrow.

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Jennifer said...

I've always wondered about fish tacos ... I guess it is good to sample the local cuisine. Glad things are going well ... did Alicia and Hunter arrive safely?