Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Alaska Day 2

Today we made it to Kodiak. And needless to say this is the most beautiful place I have ever laid eyes on. I am at Frontier Baptist Church right now posting. We just finished the Wed. night service. And since they have internet access, I am sitting in the sanctuary typing Alaska! Cool stuff.

We have several summer missionaries here working with us, Brenda Crim, and David George, along with some folks from Texas. It is really shaping up to be an exciting time here in Kodiak.

After we landed in Kodiak, we spent the day looking around the town. We got to see lots of cool scenery, docks, boats, eagles, seals, and just a wide-range of God made wonders. It is truly amazing to see His Handiwork. He is truly awesome.

We start work tomorrow. I am really looking forward to serving here. I'm not sure what He will do, but I just feel like it is going to be a life-changing experience.

It was a good day. So without further delay....some of our experiences today. More stories another time.


Amy said...

Hey darling! Just put Gogurt on the bus and couldn't wait to check out some more pictures. (By the way, could you make them bigger? It's sort of hard to see them.)

Sounds like things are going well. Is that Bro. Don in the last picture? Looking forward to another post soon! Love.

Anne said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi Brad.

I like your posts, its encouraging to read about your walk with God, it gives me hope that God will take the fear out of my life too.

Kelly Mood said...

Skeleton, you lucky bum getting to go to AK. Pictures look great. Anxious to hear more on how the Lord is working up there through you guys. Love you man! Mood

Jennifer said...

Wow! I just can't imagine being there! LB is jealous that you are working with Brenda ... she wants you to tell her "hi" from her. We are looking forward to hearing how the first day of work goes and if the rest of the group arrives safely.

Anonymous said...

Glenn and I are enjoying your posts and pictures.
I happened to click on one of the pictures and it came up full screen! Maybe Amy can do that and get the large versions.