Monday, March 30, 2009

How Cool Is This?

It's colored sand by Crayola! I did not know they made big bags of colored sand! And it was all f-r-e-e! How? Well, ya know Brad works for the city's Parks & Recreation Department. And apparently our Wal-Mart donates busted bags of sand to the city. The bosses did not want to put pink, green, and blue sand in the park so Brad got to bring it home to our little sandbox! Gogurt and Poptart were so excited to play in the colored sand.....!


Jennifer said...

I am going to remember that the next time the kids are coming for a visit! Ronnie wants to know where the green sand is?

Amy said...

The green is under there, I promise. we didn't have as many bags of green, and it was dumped in first.

Now that it is all mixed together though, it is just a pretty purple! your girl would love it!

Jennifer said...

Getting dirty and purple all at the same time, yep, that's my girl!