Friday, March 13, 2009

A Couple of Burning Questions

The other night after I finished reading Poptart a book, she asked me a question. It sounded like this: "Momma, who is it bided by?" Thinking she simply meant, "Who is it by?" I told her the author's name and for added measure, I told her who drew the pictures. However, this did not satisfy her. "No, Momma, who is it bided by?" I told her again the author's name. With even more determination in her voice, she again wanted to know who it was bided by. I finally just told her I had no idea what she was saying. "You know, Momma, like the cartoons are bided by someone?"

Oh, okay, that makes pefect sense. If you ever watch PBS (and since that is our only cartoon channel, my kids watch alot of it), you will recognize this statement: "Additional sponsorship provided by The American Science Foundation and viewers like you!" I flipped to the front of the book, found the publishing company's name and read it to her. Thankfully, that seemed to satisfy her!

This morning, Gogurt woke me up asking this question, "Momma, what is our state mammal?"

I had no idea. Told him to look it up in an encyclopedia when he got to school. But in case he forgets, I just looked it up online. It's the white-tailed deer.

Any other questions?

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