Monday, February 23, 2009

So Long, Shoes!

The other day when I went to the library, I saw a big box. The Salvation Army is partnering with a local organization to hold a shoe drive. You bring your old shoes in and put them in the box. This shoe drive benefits kids who need shoes, but there is a twist. The kids do not get the old shoes.

This is how it works: You bring your old shoes in, as many as you can find, because the weight matters. The old shoes are weighed and sold for recycling. The proceeds from the recycling will purchase Payless gift cards and be distributed to the children.

So the kids get to buy new shoes! I thought that was pretty cool!

My daughter and I went through our closets and found several pair we wanted to give away. We ended up with a bag full of shoes and cleaner closets!

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Leanna said...

Miss Sarah Kate and Mr. Marshall look really cute. You didn't come and get shoes out of my closet. Monty says I have more than enough. I have never heard of this site. I am on myspace and facebook. You might want to check it out!!Have fun blogging!!! See ya, lol Leanna