Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What's That Disorder Called?

I could take the time to post about how the "change" is going at work, but I really don't have time 'cuz I need to be working at this moment.  However, I will say that after a somewhat nightmarish, "I'm-going-to-quit-my-job" weekend, I am feeling a tad bit better now.  And so as not to bore you any further with my work stories, I will provide you with a little humor today. 

Check out the article linked below talking about a certain disorder.  I believe I grew up with a big sister who might can relate, and I believe I live with a man right now that can definitely relate.

Click Here to read about it.  Read it and see if you know anyone who suffers from it!  Maybe you do....

Have a good one!

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Sewanna said...

You would think working in a "related" medical profession, my sister would understand Privacy issues and not post my diagnosis on the web. LOL