Friday, July 22, 2011

Wednesday and Thursday in Kotzebue

Yesterday, we went back to Ruth's house and installed a faucet and a few electrical outlets.  This was actually probably the easiest tasks we had tackled so far.  But after a little bit, we had her all wired and water flowing in the faucet.

We also finished the demolition of the wall and pulled out the old screws and staples in preparation for the sealer.
Today (Thursday) we started putting together the new cabinets for the area we are repairing.  Ronnie was the master craftsman, while I applied the sealer to the wall.

And the sealer, well lets just say it was nasty!
After this, we went back to Ruth's and finished the clothes line.  After dinner at the local Bayside (the best Kung Pao Chicken ever), Ronnie and I road the ATV around town and did a little sightseeing.  More of those pics later.  But the past two days have been hard work, but very fulfilling.  All in all as we near the end, a great experience. One I won't soon forget.

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