Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Tuesday in the Kotz

Today, we went back to Aggie's house to finish painting.  We finished the small porch, the trim got two coats of white, and we finished up with a coat of black on a few miscellaneous spots. 
After finishing up there, we headed to Ruth's house to shore up her clothes line.

This is Ruth and Olivia:

This turned out to be a bigger task than expected. We had to remove the top of the clothes line and then remove the new(old) poles that were leaning. After removing the old poles, we proceeded to make the holes deeper with everyone's favorite tool, the post hole digger!

Things were going great until we hit water, then gravel and water, and then no more digging with the post hole diggers. So Ruth went inside and pulled out a small boiler and we proceeded to dig out the remainder of the rock, mud, water combo that is soil here.

After much water and rock, we got to our desired depth, set our poles and called it a day.

All in all another beautiful day and quite productive too. Hopefully, the trend will continue. Until next time.....


Amy said...


You just can't stay out of the dirt can you? Must be missing those irrigation holes back home. :)

Miss ya,

peggy said...

Brad, Glad to see you 2 working to help other people and I'm sure digging that hole was much more rewarding (shall we say) than the irrigation holes at Winner Circle??????

We love you,
Nana & Pop