Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Monday in Kotz

Ronnie and I had a great day.  We worked hard, but we also got alot accomplished.  We started the morning with breakfast and then we were off with John to visit two ladies in the area.  The first house needed some plumbing work and a clothes line repair. The other lady had some painting, wood to be replaced on her house, a planter to be reattached to the house and her clothes line also needed some attention.

So after consulting with the two ladies, we returned to the church and gathered our supplies and returned to the second house to start the painting.  The weather was perfect: 50 degrees with a slight breeze and full sunshine!  So Ronnie and I set to our work.

We started with the painting. A previous missions team started the project so we only had to finish it. We scraped the old paint off, applied a coat of Kilz, and painted these windows, some trim, and a few miscellaneous spot around the house. Next we turned our "amazing construction skills" :) to reattaching the planter! During the winter, the snowfall was so great that the planter was politely removed from its place. Man was this thing heavy....thus the number of supports underneath it.

We followed this up with the clothes line repair. We took out an old brace, loosened the cords and we tilted it over. Once it was over we braced it down and shimmed it up to keep in place. We added a couple of braces and we were done.

After good lunch of hamburgers, we went back to the house and added some boards to the edge of the house which had just arrived from Anchorage. We also scraped a few more spots on her shed next to the house while the Kilz coat dried on the boards.

All in all alot was accomplished there. We will be back today, weather permitting, to finish the painting.

We also started the work on the wall at the church. We began the demo phase and got alot accomplished there as well. We will be doing alot more here as we continue throughout the week.

Well since pics are so slow to load here I'll end there and do more later....


Anonymous said...

So nice to see my hubby with a paint brush in his hand ... looks like he's learning alot ~ maybe I'll start working on my "honey-do" list now!


Kim said...

You guys are princes. Way to help out!