Friday, July 22, 2011

The Bridge To Nowhere

The first night we were here in Kotzebue, John and Terri took us around the town showing us the sights and giving us a little background into the area.  During our tour, we came to a bridge.  John began to tell us that this is the bridge where most of the towns suicides occur, usually by hanging from the underside.  As we crossed the bridge, Terri told us that they had claimed the bridge for Christ and she began to pray over the bridge.  She prayed for safety and freedom from the enemy in Kotzebue, especially on the bridge. 

This has been the most somber moment of this trip.  The reality of the darkness that grips this world once again came flooding in.  While we have not really been here for evangelistic purposes, this one moment of trip reminded me, and hopefully you too, that we should go and tell.  Just like Christ commanded us to.  We are all on a "bridge to nowhere" without His touch, His grace, His salvation.  If you don't know the power of Jesus salvation, I pray you'll contact us.  Contact someone that is a Christian, a Pastor, someone that can lead you to Him.  You won't be sorry, I promise. 

By the way, there have been no suicides on that bridge this year.  Lets pray that it stays that way.

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