Friday, December 3, 2010

The Worst Thing I Can Do....

is read other blogs.  Now, wait a minute, and let me explain. 

When I sit down at the computer in a "bloggy" mood but unsure of what to share, I spend some time reading other blogs in order to get my creative juices flowing.  I have decided that is the worst thing to do! 

There are very talented writers out there, and after I spend time reading their posts, I usually come away feeling like I should only be following, reading, commenting, and not trying to write anything myself.  You know, a follower instead of a leader. 

When I start feeling like this whole blog-thing is a waste of time, I have to remember why I started this blog in the first place. 

This blog was a second chance, so to speak.  You see, this is not my first blog. 

My first blog was born from a very painful place.  While in a rough patch (and that's putting it lightly) in our marriage, I, ironically, found solace online.  At that time, I felt absolutely no freedom to share my situation with anyone-friends, family, no one.  But, my online family was safe.  They didn't know me. 

So I sought out blogs written by women in similar situations.  And then I decided to start my own.  Unfortunately, my posts on my original blog were very, very different.  Definitely not the *happy* posts I try to post here. 

That blog was therapeutic.  But it was temporary, thank God!  As my situation/marriage improved, I had less and less to complain blog about, and eventually it got to the point where the person/spouse/family on that blog was not the reality anymore. 

So, I began praying about starting a new blog.  A blog that shared the goodness of my family, not just the darkness that had once been prevalent. 

And that's why I'm here, to share the good times, but believe me, that "other blog" makes the good times I share here even sweeter.  

Our lives, marriage, kids are by no means perfect, not even close!  Sometimes I worry that this blog puts out a false image, and if it does, I apologize.  All it would take is one e-mail, one phone call, from you to me to see we definitely do not have it *all together*. 

However, this blog's purpose -at the moment- is to offer a safe place, a blog you can pull up and let your kids read along with you - - it is not the place, in my opinion (which is the only one that counts here!) to air our dirty laundry. 

I am not trying to forget our past, no, no, NO!  I am just choosing where to display it and where not to. 

Who knows where this blog will evolve over the next days, months, years.  It may become something totally different.  But for now, I've said good-bye to the sad blog and will enjoy spreading a little cheer through this one!

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