Friday, July 9, 2010

The Decision

I want to confess. 

We watched "The Decision" last night. 

Yes, a show with a title indicating a decision of life-changing proportions.  An election-night show perhaps? Maybe a decision between good and evil?  Maybe a decision of believing in God or not believing in God? 

No, this decision was coming from a basketball player, LeBron James, regarding where he would take his talent. 

And we are confessing. 

We watched it. 

The funny thing was that throughout every commercial set, we discussed why we were watching.  Did we really even care?  Is the media so powerful that it can convince us we care about something when in actuality we do not?

Brad was almost furious with himself.....we would watch in silence waiting for the "big announcement."  Cut to commercial, and Brad would start spewing, "Why am I even watching this????"  "This is the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen!!!!"  "They are making way too big of a deal about this!!!!"  "I hope wherever he goes they don't win a game." (that last one was kinda mean I thought).  

Shhhh...honey, it's back on.  And back we would go to complete silence.  Waiting for the "big announcement." 

And so it finally came.  He's going to play for Miami where he will apparently be joining two other great players. 

So here's the question we proposed after the big announcement was made and the TV was off.  If the media talked nonstop about something, say for example, whether Brad would have a turkey sandwich or a ham sandwich for lunch, and they brought in experts to say why turkey would be the better choice and why ham would not benefit him as much, and they splashed it over every website in ads and teasers, and they held an online poll, "Will he choose ham or turkey?" and tweeted the results daily, would people tune in to see the decision?

Well, would ya?

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