Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I Corinthians 12:26


Alicia's husband passed away early this morning.  Please continue to pray for her, Bill's daughter, and their entire family. 

Since I consider my blog readers like an "extended family," I feel I should tell you when one of our "family members" is hurting.

For the last two weeks, my friend Alicia has been sitting in an ICU waiting room here at a local hospital.  Her husband of 9 months is critically ill.  The decision was made to transfer him to UT-Memphis for a liver transplant.  Today my friend is sitting in an ICU waiting room in Memphis.  

Things are not looking good, but as she reminded us in church Sunday, the doctors are not the ones who have the last say, God is.  He is still in control. 

Many of you know Alicia and Bill, many of you do not.  But most importantly, the Father knows them, and we are trusting in His will. 

Would you speak their names in prayer today?

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