Monday, May 31, 2010

Kodiak-The Finale

      Today has been remarkable to say the least.  Sunday's in Kodiak usually are.  Last year we experienced the salvation of the only two souls during the week.  This year was a little different.  We had Sunday School this morning as a group.  We had a few songs and then a testimony time.  Two ladies went first. And then by the Spirit's moving, I went next.  Now I won't go into the details here due to time, but feel free to ask me anytime- I'll fill you in.  But to give you some insight, I've never shared my testimony outside of family and close close friends.  So needless to say this was a momentous occassion.  I have been personally fighting the Lord on this one.  I have felt His leading to do this all week, but didn't want to do it- I was afraid.  But it was a blessing I had been putting off.  And today, I released that fear to Him and He returned to me as a blessing and crown.  To Him be the glory forevermore.  God used that testimony to allow me to share with several others throughout the day.  Two in particular deserve your prayers.  I'll not mention names, but lift these two families up.  They need your help.  And as I close out this subject, I want to give a big shout out and a word of thanks to a brave man named Xavier from FL.  Thanks Bro. 

     After a great worship service and praise time, we geared up for the Big Night. We had what the group had titled the Burger Bash.  At 6:30 pm we hosted the community with a free hamburger and hotdog dinner.  We started cooking around 4:15 or so.  Don and I along with Vic and Christie from Frontier cooked over 40 lbs of hamburgers and hotdogs.  I think it was a great success.  We had 105 visitors from the community in the church-eating and fellowshipping with the body of Christ.  We followed dinner by a "no talent" talent show.  It was funny to see some of the silly things the group came up with to do.  But the most awesome thing I believe I've ever seen happened next.
      Have you ever heard of Cardboard Testimonies?  If not check it out here first!
     We had about eleven of the team get up and do this same thing in front of the whole community. AWESOME!!!!!! I actually cried.  I couldn't help it! It was so moving to see how God has brought healing to so many people.  It was just simply powerful- humble and lowly praising God for their conversions and healings.  Now whether or not the community was moved remains to be seen, but I for one will never be the same.  I just know good things are going to happen in this place. And soon.  Pray for Kodiak and Frontier Baptist Church.  The harvest is just in sight......
      I'll leave you with some pics of the night.....See you soon!


Amy said...

I am so glad you gave your testimony-very proud of you! I know God will bless your obedience.

We are missing you and hoping you have a safe trip home!

pegleg60 said...

You will never know how proud I am of you but I hope you have a good idea. I too have been fighting God on a lot of things lately blaming everyone and everything but the right one that being me. So pray for me that my fear to will be released and I can be set free and not be afraid anymore. Love and safe trip for you and Bro. Don.