Saturday, May 29, 2010

Kodiak Day 4

     It rained all night and a small part of the morning.  It stayed hazy today, but didn't rain anymore.  Brenda (from WestPoint/Ga) led four more teenagers to Christ today while walking through the Crab Festival.  She and Sharon from the group would prayer walk.  Then when Brenda felt led to share the EvangeCube, Sharon would step aside and pray while she was talking!  Amazing!  That is a total of 5 decisions for Christ in 4 Days.  We only had 2 all last year!  Praise the Lord.
   The rest of the day was taken up by sightseeing, eating and some more construction work.  I worked on a brochure for the church to had out at a hamburger cookout we are hosting for the community tomorrow.  It has the church's information and service times on it.  Everyone at the Crab Fest that has stopped by the booth has received an invitation, so we are not really sure how many people will be coming.  But be in prayer as we go to church tomorrow and then on to the festival.  Last year, Sunday was our biggest day with our two salvations.  Lets pray that tomorrow will be even bigger!   
     God is moving.  And you are playing a part in that....keep praying our blessings are around the corner.


Amy said...


That is awesome! Is that Brenda in the picture with you and Don? Can't wait to see/hear you in the morning at church.

P.S. The dog kennel looks like it is holding up rather well.

Amy said...

Yep that is Brenda. Her husband works for Sara Lee and knows Melanie. He used to work in West Point at the Sara Lee/Bryan Plant with her.

Miss you. Love B

Jennifer said...

It is great to hear that God is moving ... we will keep praying!