Monday, May 17, 2010

I'm In The Dark - Literally

Last night we had quite a surprise when arriving home from church.  We went into our bedroom, flipped on the lightswitch, and began hearing this popping noise.  It sounded just like someone outside the house bouncing a basketball on and off the wall (I know that noise because I've heard it).  It only took a millisecond for us to direct our attention to the ceiling.  I then had this thought, "Is someone in our attic banging on our ceiling?"  Another millisecond revealed our light fixture CATCHING ON FIRE!

Around the top of our light fixture it was popping, sizzling, and glowing red.  It caught us all off guard and for a couple of seconds, we all just stood there staring at it.  When sparks began flying out of the light fixture and around our heads, the thought of my house catching on fire crossed my mind, and I froze.  Thankfully, my husband had the clarity of mind to go throw the breakers.  He got all of our electricity off, and this made Poptart very nervous.  I began assuring her everything was okay - no big deal - all the while looking at Brad for some reassurance myself.  Was there a major electrical problem in our house or was this just a fluke light fixture burn-out?

After exhausting all of his electrical know-how, Brad determined it was just the wires connected to the light fixture.  One had totally burned in half.  He went into the attic to make sure there was no fire up there.  No fire, but there was smoke right above the light fixture. 

We disconnected the light fixture and all the wires so now I am sitting in the dark.  Literally.  And unfortunately it is a dark, gloomy day outside.  So as I am doing my typing today, it will be a bit difficult.  I see a headache in my future.  However, I am very thankful it was no more serious than it was.....

Now I'm trying to decide, since we have a little remodeling to do,  would I like a ceiling fan in my room?

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Jennifer said...

Wow, that is scary! Isn't is amazing how calm we can be when we have to be for our kids?

The sun has come out here, so I hope it has at your house, too. I'd get the ceiling fan if I were you.