Friday, April 30, 2010

Here and There

I have found myself with the dilemma of needing to post but having nothing to post about.  I feel obligated to write something every few days or so, and sometimes I go completely blank as to what to share with you guys. 

But to ease my conscience about being absent for the last few days from my blog, I will share what's on my mind--which I'm sure you know is not that much and definitely not that deep. 

I was extremely encouraged yesterday by a simple little dance performance the dance class at school performed for us on the playground.  (You see, Poptart is in this dance class and has been telling me for months, yes, months, that she is too scared to be in her dance recital.  I would assure her she would be prepared by the time the recital rolled around and that God would help her draw up her courage.)  To practice being in front of an audience, the dance class came out onto the playground and practiced their dances.  And to my extreme surprise, and I mean, extreme surprise, Poptart did every step and smiled the entire time.  The dance teacher later told me Poptart ran back into the room exclaiming, "That was FUN!"  Thank you God.  Maybe the recital Sunday won't be a bust after all.  But as always with this age and especially with this child, you just never know

Not only am I looking forward to the dance recital on Sunday, I am also looking forward to beginning a series of Sunday School lessons on marriage for the entire month of May.  I can't wait to hear my hubby teaching these lessons.  I'm just gonna sit back and see what he has to say!  There should be some good discussions, and I am looking forward to what we can learn from God's Word and each other through this series on marriage. 

Gogurt was chosen as Cougar of the Quarter.  We're not sure what that means or how he was chosen, and apparently he doesn't know either.  But it is a nice honor, and he will get his picture in the newspaper.  Brad went to be with Gogurt at the small program honoring all the Cougars-of-the-Quarter yesterday morning.  Brad said Gogurt was much more interested in the donut holes than what was being said.  Thankfully, Brad videoed a snippet of the program so I could watch it, and Gogurt's teacher said some very nice things about him.  I guess she has to--but every time I see her or Brad sees her, she tells us Gogurt is going to be something great, like an astronaut or scientist or doctor.  I'm not sure about all that--she is basing that on his passion for reading--but honestly I just want him to do whatever fulfills him, no matter the money or prestige that may come with it.  And I soooooo mean that.  

Lastly, I have to say there are only TWO weeks left of preschool.  Yippee!  And if you count graduation practices, a trip to the park, and the actual graduation, there's only one "real" week of school left!  I can't believe it!  We survived!

Thanks for reading today....I know it was scattered.  Have a blessed day!

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Jennifer said...

Congrats, Gogurt!

I am sure that Poptart will do great on Sunday ... don't forget to take her some flowers ... we didn't do that for LB's first recital and had to send Ronnie's mom to the store for us so she wouldn't be the only one without them.

This should be a great month in Sunday School!