Tuesday, November 3, 2009

This is my beautiful daughter.

This is what my beautiful daughter will look like if she never stops sucking her thumb!


Jennifer said...

Hmmm ... did you tell her WHY you were taking these pictures? Every now and then D will suck his thumb and when we ask him about it, he tells us that Poptart does it! Remember, it could be worse ... at least she doesn't twist her hair while she sucks her thumb.

Anonymous said...

Hey Poptart!
I know it must be hard to stop sucking your tumb because It was hard for Nana to stop smoking but I am so glad I did because you will never have to see Nana with one of those awful things in her mouth so if you can stop now because it will be harder the longer you do it I know, but I will love you no matter you do and so will Mom and dad.