Friday, May 1, 2009

Parent/Teacher Conferences

Yesterday was the day of parent/teacher conferences at preschool. I spent 15-20 minutes with each momma telling her, or more appropriately put, assuring her that her child was ready for Kindergarten.

I don't remember it being that emotional for me, but some of these Mommas are taking it really hard that their babies are starting "big school" in a few short months. Six out of the eight mothers I talked to shed tears at some time during our meeting. I think that is really sweet, I'm just saying I never cried when Gogurt started to school. I was ready for him to be there, and he was ready to get there!

I feel so privileged to have been part of these kids lives this year. To help prepare them for next year has been at times a frustrating, but always rewarding, experience. I really do believe that each one of them will have a great first year of school next year.

But before they get there, they have to graduate preschool. That is coming up in two weeks. They'll wear their cap & gown, and I will present them their diplomas.

Mommas, get your Kleenexes ready.........


Sam said...

I really enjoy reading your blogs - Your little ones are great - Maybe one day we can sit down and trade stories about how life happens on a daily basis even when we are not looking - by the way my little one turned two and she does not know the word pretend - but I am sure I will feel the same way - Tell Brad hi and take care

Peace :) Sam

Melanie said...

I will be crying tears of joy when my baby goes to big school. It will be like I get a raise when I'm no longer paying for preschool!

Amy said...


How good it is to hear from you! I'm so glad you stopped by to read my blog! I would love to sit and visit with you one day....seems like I tried to see you one time in Starkville, but I got stood up.....just kidding, you were taking family pictures that day. Anyway, I think of you often and hope that you and your family are happy and healthy. Please keep in touch!