Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Da Plane, Da Plane: Alaska Day 1

Well, we are finally here. We just made it to our hotel room here in Anchorage. Time now is 12:52am (3:52 back home). We left this afternoon at 3:00pm and now here we are....tired but here!!!

Let me give you the low down on the trip. We left Jackson at 3:00pm on one of those little planes, you know the ones you can prop your chin on your knee without trying too hard. Smooth sailing; no trouble at all! Except for the psycho flight attendant. We witnessed an altercation in mid-air. The flight attendant got REALLY RUDE with a couple and their kids. She was arguing and raising her voice.....very unprofessional. But despite her rant, we made it to Houston on time. Grabbed a bite to eat and made it to the terminal just as they started loading on to the plane. Now the fun begins.....

We get on to a fully loaded 757-300. Seats about 216 people. And did I mention full? Loaded to the a freshly stuffed sardine can (minus the smell). And for the next 4 hours I proceeded to waste the time away shoved into a seat that should be classified as a torture device and banned by the U.N. We did get a lovely in-flight meal....chicken enchilada with a kit-kat and a salad. Yum!!! Not bad for $798. Just a smidge on the expensive side, but filling. Anyway, we landed in Seattle to drop off and pick up more passengers. Spent about and hour there and we were off and running again.

But, here is where we hit a big snag. There it was right in the seat in front of us. The loudest, most hideous, most vile sound known worldwide....a screaming child pinned up in a megaphone for three hours.....JOY!

For the first hour she screamed. Then she slept for an hour and a half and followed that energizing power nap with another half hour of blood curdling screams. All while her father sat and stared at her with this stupified look on his face. He didn't even try to stop her or console her or anything!!!!!! NOTHING. And then....ALASKA.

Friends, there is nothing like flying past majestic peaks covered with snow. No screaming child can dampen that moment. Beautiful can't even come close to describing what I saw. I am really amazed at how God worked here in Alaska. He really outdid Himself here!

So after waiting for our bags (minus one handle lol), we called our shuttle bus and made the final leg to our hotel. Its been interesting to say the least. We have seen someone that my pastor knows. Ran into two other Mississippians (one Bulldog and one Rebel). And rode the shuttle with a couple from Birmingham. Small world, huh? Anyway, we are here and I'm tired. See you in the morning or should I say today..... (P.S. check out the picks from the plane ride here)


Amy said...

Hey Brad! I can't believe you are FINALLY there. It was so good to hear you made it safe and sound. Not sure what is up with text messaging. I am getting some from you, but I don't think you are getting mine.

Anyway, thanks for posting--especially the pics. They are unbelievable! I wish I could have seen your face as you looked out that window.

We are all doing fine....just missing you!

"See" you at church tonight, don't forget!



Melanie said...

Keep those pictures coming and treat yourself to some earplugs for the trip back home. Maybe you won't need them. Kodiak - watch out for bears!