Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A Very Unofficial Book Review

Last night I stayed up a little later than usual and finished the book, "In An Instant" by Lee & Bob Woodruff. I thought I would share just a little bit about it.

Many of you probably remember Bob Woodruff. He was the foreign correspondent on ABC News and we would often see him reporting from faraway places, and more often than not, he was reporting from the middle of a war zone.

After Peter Jennings' death, he was given the job of World News Tonight co-anchor with Elizabeth Vargas. But he would only enjoy that job for a few weeks.

On January 29th, 2006, the tank Bob was traveling in through Taji, Iraq, was hit by a roadside bomb. He was critically injured.

This book is about his long recovery (alot of which he does not remember). His wife, Lee, writes most of the book, and I cannot imagine as a wife what it must have been like to see your husband in that grave condition, missing half his skull.

Bob and Lee write an honestly painful account of how their lives were changed, in an instant.

I do not know if the Woodruffs are Christians and after reading this book, I still do not know. And that made me very sad. Prayer was mentioned a few times, but I never got the impression that God was their Rock during this horrible time in their lives. I pray I am wrong.

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Jennifer said...

I've never realized what an avid reader you are. Maybe I should ask more questions!? So, what's next on your list?