Friday, February 27, 2009

Stop Laughing!

Anybody catch Wife Swap? Embarassingly enough, this is one of my family's favorite shows.

I think we like it for two reasons.

First, we really do discuss the different families featured on the show each week. During the commercials, we mute it and spend the entire time talking about the family we most resemble or what we think the other family should be learning to do differently.

Second, it makes us feel, ummmm, normal. And I mean that in a good way.

To even be considered for the show, your family has to have some sort of hangup. For example, they might pair a family with no rules and no boundaries with a family who thrives on rules and schedules. Then the mothers switch places.

Tonight's show was interesting to say the least. Extremely and intensely annoying, but interesting.

I had never heard of laughter yoga until tonight's show. I googled it and there are laughter yoga clubs all over the United States. Try it. You'll see. There might even be one near you. Ha ha.

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